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The future starts with good design.
At Flod, we use our creative, strategic approach to design products that go beyond simply looking good to achieve meaningful impact and truly change the world.
Our timeless yet visionary products allow innovators to push boundaries and fast forward the adoption of tomorrow’s hottest technologies.


Good design is based on a thorough knowledge and creativity.
We interrogate and define before making strategic decisions and setting product foundation.


We place our clients above the competition by creating innovative products that grab customer’s attention and drive the industry forward.


We go the extra mile and do not stop on deployment. Our team cares about what we do and stay to maintain products that we take responsibility for.

Design forsocial impact


Always outside-the-box and progressive.


Putting people at the centre every step of the way.


Expanding the strategic limits of great design.


Helping the Earth one design at a time.


Creating product designs that stand the test of time.


Unlocking international possibilities to build a better planet.


Putting quality design principles at the forefront.

Meet our
design team

We’ve brought together some of the most talented and inspirational product designers in Europe and beyond. Our team acts as strategic advisors to future-facing brands to bring innovative products to market and make an impact on an international stage.

Create a sustainable future

We care about creating products that have a positive impact on people and the world.
We work closely with our clients to produce intuitive solutions that unlock commercial possibilities and create a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly world.