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Take the risk out of innovation with our services

At Flod, we believe all innovation starts with good design. We deploy a strategic product design process to create a meaningful impact on users and the world.


The Discovery phase starts by defining your needs. Our team of experienced designers will craft strategic recommendations and create a roadmap to set the foundation for work going forward.

Google Design Sprint

Test innovative ideas quickly before investing time or money.

Strategy &

Discover innovative ideas via extensive market research before setting a roadmap towards project success.


Analyze and identify product flaws to optimize the customer journey, user interface, and overall experience.

Research &

Gather insights on the industry, competitors, as well as potential and actual users to shape the overall design strategy.


You’re no stranger to the market competition out there. Stay ahead with beautiful product designs that grab people’s attention and empower you to drive your industry towards the future.


Building off the Discovery phase, we will transform insights into action by designing a user interface that considers all the ways your end-user might engage with your product.


Illustrations add an additional layer to the design, giving it a unique, appealing character.


Branding develops a product’s visual identity while representing market insights, innovative trends, and timeless design that determines the success of your company and brand.


Brings life to the user interface and adds an additional layer of interactivity to your product.


Simplifies complex processes to create impactful user experiences for comprehensive products.


Our goal is to help you create product designs that continually evolve. Our team remains active after launch to equip you with insights about changing user behavior and strategic recommendations for product development.

Data-Driven Design Optimization

Once the product is released, we observe and analyze product data to understand how users behave and where we can potentially further improve the product.


We go the extra mile and help you to maintain your product on a daily basis no matter if it is a small change or a new feature.

Discover the future of design and products that’ll shape the world.
Unlock global possibilities and compete with brands across the world with timeless design.